How It Works

Sparken's mission is to make it easy to find and engage just the right tutor. A person you can trust because they are part of your school. Tutoring sessions are convenient because you can use schools facilities to conduct your sessions. Sparken insures you find a tutor who has just the right mix of subject expertise, personality, positive student reviews and faculty endorsements. Now you have help when you need it to overcome important academic challenges.

For every student, whether they're just starting high school or college - from the very first day, every single academic result is not just measured and reported, but recorded indefinitely for inclusion on a permanent transcript. From that very first day forward, students are now competing not just with their school classmates, but also with students from across all other applicable schools, regardless of geography.

For those who perform well academically in high school, the goal is often an acceptance letter to a sought after university. For college students - jobs and opportunities for careers at quality companies typically begin with a selection process that focuses the most attention on those who have proven themselves by achieving in the classroom.

The process of achieving academic excellence, however, can be influenced my dozens of factors that vary greatly from student to student, meaning the playing field for each individual is anything but level. Internal and external factors including innate aptitude, family dynamics, personal economics, health issues, participation in athletics & extra curricula's that require material amounts of time and energy all have an impact on a students ability to succeed academically. These issues are often seen as important factors when evaluating candidates, but ultimately a students grades have to be above the bar. Sparken was designed to help level the playing field by providing students a simple, safe and dependable resource that is always available to help them meet their academic goals.