About Us

Sparken is a closed academic platform that enables students to easily collaborate, find great tutors and get better grades. We created this platform after realizing great tutors are available from the fellow student pool and able and willing to help other students. Many schools are offering similar programs and they are managed through old technologies. So we created a platform to streamline the process in a safe and efficient manner.

Sparken is designed to be a closed system to provide a safe environment for students. It uses existing social platforms to identify best tutors within the school.

Sparken offers the use of the platform to students as school sponsored or standard. In the school sponsored model, school pays for most expenses and would be completely free for students. Tutors are reimbursed by the school administration. In the normal model, school is not directly involved in the management of the program. Tutors may charge a fee for the tutoring services.

At present we are offering Sparken to limited number of schools. If you want to offer it in your school please contact us.

Sparken is based out of Chicago, IL and developed in partnership by startup incubator at CodeVentures.